Diabetes Mellitus and Prevention

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Diabetes is a disease that is common today. It is a metabolic disease. What exactly is diabetes and how can you prevent it?


Diabetes or diabetes is a disease of metabolism. In this disease, you are characterized by an excess of glucose in the blood. Glucose is important for fueling the body. Glucose is formed during the digestion of food from carbohydrates and is absorbed from the blood by the small intestine. Insulin is produced by the pancreas; it ensures that all cells in the body absorb glucose.

When too little insulin is produced, glucose is not taken up from the blood. The cells in the body then start to suffer from a lack of fuel. This causes fatigue and lethargy among other symtoms. These are symptoms of diabetes. People with diabetes lose a lot of fluids. As a result, they are much thirstier than others and therefore drink large amounts of fluids.

Dangerous disease

If the glucose level in the blood gets too high, diabetes patients can go into a coma and die. The disease can cause blindness and kidney failure. The better you are monitored for diabetes, the better you can prevent serious symptoms and complications. You also need to have good control of blood sugar concentration with diabetes. You can slow down the symptoms with this but not prevent them.

The AFP recommends that people with diabetes and a blood pressure higher than 130/80 mmHg get treatment to lower their blood pressure often times, this means using medications.

Diabetes type 1

diabetes prevention

In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas makes almost no insulin, in some cases none at all. In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas still makes insulin, but the pancreas must be helped to do so. Type 1 diabetes can occur at any age.

Type 1 is common both in children and adults. It is caused by the loss of insulin production. One in ten diabetes patients has type 1. The cause of type 1 diabetes is not yet known. However, the disease is becoming increasingly common nowadays.

Treatment for type 1 diabetes

The treatment for type 1 diabetes is quite simple. The metabolism must recover, the missing insulin must be replenished. Insulin has to be injected, it can't be done through a tablet. If too much insulin enters the blood it can also be dangerous.

Diabetes type 2

Type 2 is most common in people over the age of forty. But it also occurs in young people. Type 2 is not a disease of the pancreas alone, but of the whole organism. Type 2 is especially common in overweight people. Big and heavy people need much more insulin.

As a result, they have insulin deficiencies. Type 2 has a lot of impact on health. It can cause cardiovascular disease. It can lead to dementia. People with type 2 are also more likely to get depression.

Treatment for type 2 diabetes

The first thing to do is lose weight, which can slow down the development of the disease. Then you have to take tablets that promote glucose from the bloodstream. is difficult to cure.

Preventing Diabetes

The causes of type 1 diabetes are not yet known, therefore you cannot prevent it. Type 2 is easier to prevent. There is a clear link between being overweight and type 2 diabetes. You should try to lose weight if you are overweight, no matter how difficult it is.